Presentations, Talks and Workshops

(Photo by Ara Howrani, AMC 2013)

Different Games (April 2016)
Panelist: The Non-Compliance of Glitch: A Reflection on PsXXYborg

GDC (March 2016)
Panelist: Ripple Effect: How Women-In-Games Initiatives Make A Difference

Kingston Canadian Film Festival (Feb 2016)
Game-making workshop and presentation

FanExpo (Sept 2015)
Moderator: Getting Involved in Toronto's Videogame Community panel (click here for audio)

TCAF: Comics VS Games (May 2015)
Moderator: Intro to Game Making for Artists panel

IndieCade (2014, 2014)

Different Games (April 2015)
Panelist: Game Curious, regional perspectives on game development: Toronto

Game Curious: Glendower (March 2015 - June 2015)
Co-coordinator: 12-week video game outreach program + game-making workshop
w. Ken Cho, Hand Eye Society, Art Starts Glendower

GDC: Lost Levels (Mar 2015)
Spontaneous microtalk. Covered by BoingBoing

The Setup (Mar 2015)
Online interview

Game Curious 2.0 (Sept 2014 - Dec 2014)
Coordinator: 12-week video game outreach program + game-making workshop
w. Hand Eye Society, Digital Innovation Hub at Toronto Reference Library

Built to Play Interview (Nov 2014)
Podcast: Video Game Literacy and Learning (0:40)

Video Games for Community Engagement (June 2014)
Talk: Allied Media Conference, Detroit

Artsy Games Incubator: Animation Edition (April-May 2014)
Co-coordinator: 6-week game-making workshop
w. Matt Hammill, Hand Eye Society
Presentation: TAAFI 2014

Jane's Walk: Tech & the City (Mar 2014)
Talk: HES initiatives Game Curious and To The Streets

Built to Play Interview (Mar 2014)
Podcast: A Vector-Based Romance and Long Time Coming (44:18)  w. Nadine Lessio

Feminist Art Conference (Mar 2014)
Panelist: Transcending Boundaries – Standing Out and Taking Up Space w. Team PsXXYborg

Ontario Arts Council Jury (Feb 2014)
Juror, New Media: Emerging Artists program

Game Curious? (Aug-Nov 2013)
Organizer: 6-week video game outreach program
w. Hand Eye Society, Impossible Arts

Reel Asian Industry Series Talk (Nov 2013)
Panelist: Going beyond filmmaking traditions

Canzine Symposium (Oct 2013)
Talk: Promoting Diversity in the Video Game Community

Animation in Art & Digital Storytelling (June 2013)
Workshop: Allied Media Conference, Detroit

Press A to Jump: Animation in Games
Moderator, DIG panel (London, ON)(Nov 2012)
Moderator, TAAFI panel (July 2012)

Difference Engine Initiative I + II
(Aug-Dec 2011)
Participant, co-coordinator with Una Lee
Panelist: event (video)

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