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Sagan Yee (he/they) is a media artist and organizer formerly based out of Toronto. Their personal practice includes traditional animation, experimental screen-based digital games, alternative controller collaborations, and speculative fiction. They have spoken about inclusivity, community-building, and game-making in places like Montreal, Austin, San Francisco, Berlin, and Johannesburg.  From 2016 to 2020, they were Executive Director of  Hand Eye Society, a video game arts non-profit. Currently, they are pursuing an MFA in Design Media Arts at UCLA.

April 2023: Information on this page may be outdated or incomplete. Please contact me at hey @ for a recent CV.


Masters of Fine Arts, Design Media Arts
University of California, Los Angeles (2023-2026)

Bachelor of Applied Arts, Classical Animation
Sheridan College (2007-2011)

Art Fundamentals
Sheridan College (2006-2007)

Select Artistic Projects

A Day in the Life of Beacon City (TBR 2023) Video game about gentrification inspired by the works of NFB animator Richard Condie. Funded by Ontario Arts Council.

Fiddlehex (2023) Outdoor light-based installation. I co-designed the project with my collaborators and created vector art that was etched onto 6 acrylic panels.

w. Alex Leitch, Hillary Predko, Lee Wilkins, Dave Proctor

  •  Lumière: The Art of Light at Ontario Place, 2023

Take Marbles (2022) Parser-based interactive fiction game about stealing from the British Museum. Made during the Banff Centre Computational Writing residency.

L4 Society (2021) Self-published risograph zine anthology of short fiction, essays, and illustrations about life and sustainability on other planets. I contributed art and writing.

w. Little Dada

New Yorker Evangelion Bot (2019) Viral Twitter bot that randomly pairs a screenshot from Neon Genesis Evangelion with a New Yorker cartoon caption. Made with Cheap Bots Done Quick and Tracery.

Aqualith (2018-2019) Interactive LED and concrete installation. Funded by Ontario Place with exhibit assistance by Ontario Arts Council and InterAccess.

w. Alex Leitch and Len Predko

  • Winter Lights Outdoor Exhibit, Ontario Place, November 2018 to March 2019

Welcome to New Lux Plaza (2018) Arcade shooter satirizing consumer culture via the pop aesthetic framework of vaporwave. Funded by the Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council.

  • In Space: Reopen Closed Tabs, White House Studio Project, 2018
  • Damage Camp, Dames Making Games, 2018
  • Vector Festival, Local Host online exhibit + Black Cat Artspace, 2017

Punk Prism Power (2015) A “punk rock Sailor Moon” game featuring laser-cut controllers with embedded accelerometers and LED lights.

w. Alicia Contestabile, Nadine Lessio, Lee Wilkins, Jenn Woodall, Maggie McLean

  • Maker Festival, CSI Spadina, 2016
  • Vector Game Art Fest, Killer Interfaces 2015
  • IndieCade Night Games, Los Angeles CA 2015

PsXXYborg (2013) An experimental dual-screen installation/performance piece inspired by Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto.

w. Hannah Epstein and Alex Leitch

  • Sight & Sound Festival, Montreal QC 2014
  • Queer Arcade installation, Videofag 2013
  • Toronto Long Winter, The Great Hall 2013

Long Time Coming (2013) A branching narrative game about infidelity and power dynamics in a monogamous relationship, which involved throwing actual knives at the screen as a metaphor for emotional tension.

w. Nadine Lessio

  • Dames Making Games, Feb Fatale Jam 2013
  • Toronto Long Winter, The Great Hall 2013
  • Dames Making Games, FanExpo 2013

Icarus (2011) Modern re-telling of the myth of Icarus in the form of a 2D video game.

  • Difference Engine Initiative Showcase, 2011

Red Button Day (2011) Sheridan animation thesis film.

  • Toronto Animated Arts Festival International, 2013

Professional Experience

Basic Income: A People's Commission
Co-organizer (2929-present)

Game Arts International Network
Board member (2017-present)

York University
Digital Arts course director (2020-2023)

Hand Eye Society
Executive Director (2016-2020)

TAC Leaders Lab
Fellow (2018)

Toronto Arts Council
Juror, Media Arts (2017)

OCAD University
Instructor, Conceptual Game Design (2016)

Ontario Arts Council
Juror, Media Arts  (2014, 2020)

Talks and Workshops

Raising the creative technology bar at "Stupid Hackathon Toronto" (2022) Here and Now Toronto on CBC Listen

Keeping It Strange: Experimental Game Design Tools (2022) Vector Festival, Toronto

Reel Ideas Conference - Narrative in Other Mediums (2021) Reel Asian Film Festival, online

Show Them the Money: Commissions as Curation (2021) Game Arts International Network, online

Speculative Fiction for a Wiser City (2019), Power + Resistance, Toronto

Playable Zines: Making and Distributing Bite-sized Video Games (2018), Allied Media Conference, Detroit

Soft-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World keynote (2018) A MAZE Festival, Berlin

Keep Unity Weird workshop(2018) A MAZE Festival, Berlin

Signal Boosting and Curation: Cultural Intermediaries Panel (2017) Indie Interfaces, Montreal

Hand Eye Society: Who We Are and What We Do (2017) A MAZE Festival, Johannesburg

From Glitch Goddess to Vaporwave: Dreams of a Better Dystopia Keynote (2017) Different Games, Toronto

Video Games Are Boring (2017) SXSW, Austin

PsXXYborg Retrospective (2016) Different Games, NYC

Ripple Effect: How Women In Gaming Initiatives Make A Difference (2016) GDC, San Francisco

Arcade curator, panel moderator, workshop coordinator (2016) Kingston Canadian Film Festival

Game Curious, regional perspectives on game development (2015) Different Games, NYC

Videogames for Community Engagement (2014) Allied Media Conference, Detroit

HES initiatives Game Curious and To The Streets (2014) Jane's Walk: Tech & the City, Toronto

Transcending Boundaries – Standing Out and Taking Up Space (2014) Feminist Art Conference, Toronto
w. Team PsXXYborg

Going Beyond Filmmaking Traditions (2013) Reel Asian Industry Series at AGO, Toronto

Promoting Diversity in the Videogame Community (2013) Canzine Symposium, Toronto

Animation in Art & Digital Storytelling Workshop (2013) Allied Media Conference, Detroit

Press A to Jump: Animation in Games Panel (2012) TAAFI, London ON

Women in Film, Games & New Media Panel + Difference Engine Initiative Showcase (2011) TIFF Nexus/WIFT-T, Toronto 

Difference Engine Initiative II (2011) TIFF Nexus, Toronto
w. Una Lee

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