Other Games I've Worked On

Commercial projects that I've worked on for various clients.

Sago Mini Superhero (2015)


I contributed some animation for Sago Sago Toys, a lovely studio that makes quality mobile apps for kids (and some adults)!

Kitty Disastrous (2015, in development)

Original game by Rocket 5 Studios. I contributed some (very) early concept art and puzzle design. I don't know if much of it made it into the game, but it was fun to work on as I'd never done adventure puzzles before!

Wheels of Rage (2015)

Gameplay video

Based on Cartoon Network's The Amazing World of Gumball for Rocket 5 Studios. Drive the family station wagon around town, running errands, helping out other characters from the show, avoiding Tina Rex, and trying not to smash up the car! I did pretty much all of the art for this one.

A Cat's Tail (2014, in-development)

Gameplay video

Prototype game by Rocket 5 Studios. I did concept art and animation.

Knit Wits (2014)

Gameplay video

Based on Cartoon Network's The Regular Show for Rocket 5 Studios. A Flight-Control-esque game in which you host a Christmas party and have to prevent guests wearing the same sweater from bumping into each other, causing an awkward moment! I did mostly UI with some minor art assets here and there.

Cake Artist (2012)

For Untold Entertainment and TVOKids. I did some art assets and UI.

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