Welcome to New Lux Plaza


Project Notes

Welcome to New Lux Plaza is a vaporwave Star Fox 64 clone set in a shopping mall where you must earn "Luxbux" (the currency of the future) in order to afford to take your lover (a sentient stock market trading algorithm) on a nice date for once. Along the way, you must shoot your way through irate shoppers and pop-up ads, evade mall security, and return the Dolphin Queen's crown. Made in Unity with funding from the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council.

This game was made for a gallery setting and is not downloadable online, but you can view gameplay footage here:

STORY MODE (3 min)



In Space: Reopen Closed Tabs, White House Studio Project, 2018
Damage Camp, Dames Making Games, 2018
Vector Festival, Local Host online exhibit + Black Cat Artspace, 2017

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