Welcome to New Lux Plaza

(work in progress)

Project Notes

This is a project I started some time in 2014 to force myself to learn Unity3D. Eventually it morphed into its current incarnation, which is a vaporwave Star Fox 64 clone set in a shopping mall where you must earn "Luxbux" (the currency of the future) in order to take your lover (a sentient algorithm who works in high finance) on a nice date for once. Along the way you must dodge irate shoppers, shoot your way through annoying pop-up ads, and evade mall security- the latter of which takes the form of laser-equipped symbols of Greek antiquity. The art is a combination of things I made myself (like the pop-up ads and the enemies, which are cube primitives with a photo of my face mapped onto every side) and objects and images scavenged at random from the asset store, Google image search, and architectural/home design websites. It's hard to tell in the video because the recording is so choppy, but the white cubes on either side of the level are using spectrum data to pulse to the beat of the music.

I have many more thoughts about this idea, but will deign to elaborate further until there is more of a game to talk about. It is functional, somewhat amusing, and even fun in a janky way, but it's not yet presentable.

Current status (2018): Near completion after receiving funding from the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council. This page will be updated with proper reflections and development notes soon!

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